“Tang Soo Do leads to the union of body, mind and spirit.  That is what it has done to my life.  In my profession as a cardiologist, my work schedule is extremely heavy with a lot of stress in many difficult situations and is a very demanding lifestyle.  The martial arts of karate have introduces into my life a relief, not only of tension but also inner peace and of course, changes that have been beneficial in my heath and well-being.  Frequently, patients that I have been seeing for decades have asked what I do to stay in shape, look youthful and energetic - what is my secret.

Most people look for the magic pill to lose weight, the magic pill to get in shape.  Tang Soo Do is not a magic pill and it is not something you can take orally.  It is a long-standing tradition that has been present for thousands of years and has shown the way to improve the lifestyle of all who follow its path.

I have been very fortunate, as a third degree (Dan) black belt, to have learned from Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim, Sa Bom Nim Joe Bruno and many other Masters who have kindly been patient in helping me to improve my overall being.

I can truly say that karate has been a gift, not only to myself, but to my family and everyone I come across because it shows an example that one can live a balanced life and continue to improve in every way.  The friends that I have met through karate have been wonderful additions to my life and true friendships have grown and continue to develop.

I highly recommend picking up karate at the school of C. S. Kim, which offers traditional Korean Martial Art.  It is not just a diploma or degree that one gets, but a life-changing education.”

-Doctor Edward Kaiman


“Three years ago, I brought my small statured, unfocused five year old to C. S. Kim in White Oak to learn self-defense and discipline.  What my child and I gained is so much more.

My son is now a well adjusted respectful eight year old athlete who is revered by his teachers as one of the best behaved in the third grade.  I feel that Master Nigro’s approach to Tang Soo Do and the family environment that exists in the school have done very much to shape my child.

I am forever grateful.”

-Doctor Nikki Theilet